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Saving Energy for a Greener Tomorrow

Looking to replace your lighting but not sure where to start?

A few things we’re great at

With the growing demand of saving energy and reducing the carbon foot print, Great Lakes LED was established focusing on environment friendly sustainable lighting solutions. At Great Lakes LED we represent the reliable brands in the industry and promote only Eco friendly lighting solutions.

Office Lighting

Our high-quality office light fixtures can help enhance workplace aesthetics and increase workplace productivity and reduce stress. The extensive range of innovative office lighting is designed to meet the demand for a variety of applications, from open-plan offices to meeting rooms, corridors and sanitary areas.

Industrial Lighting

For Industrial facilities we work hard to ensure you and your workers have a well-lit workplace that meets and exceeds standards and regulations. Our range of LED lights for Industrial use overcome different qualities of air that may impair the performance of lighting systems, such as fumes, oil vapor, moisture, and dust.

Outdoor Lighting

Great Lakes LED industrial LED fixtures will immediately begin your cost-savings that will improve your bottom line. In addition to reducing the energy costs, you will also save on maintenance, replacement costs, operational downtime and equipment rentals. We deliver lighting to your design, time schedule and budget.


Like to know how your business can save money.

Our team has several years of Industry focused experience on ‘Save on Energy’ government rebate programs. We represent our clients for filing ‘Save on Energy’ rebate applications and keep them posted on the progress of the project and facilitate faster delivery of approved lighting products and proper disposal of old lighting. This process not only accelerates the approval and release of Rebate payments, but also creates a positive impact on our client satisfaction policy.


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