Location: Ontario, Canada


Great Lakes LED is committed to providing state-of-the-art LED technologies that are not only highly beneficial for the environment, but also provide our customers with a long term, maintenance free solution that has a lower lifetime cost whilst improving productivity. At Great Lakes LED we represent the reliable brands in the industry and promote only Eco-friendly lighting solutions. At Great Lakes LED, client satisfaction is always the top priority. We do that by carefully understanding the lighting requirements for the facility and offering a no-obligation lighting audit for the project. We maximize the benefit to the client by educating them about currently on-going Hydro programs & add value to the client’s project by suggesting eligibility to the maximum rebates available.

Our team has several years of Industry focused experience on ‘Save on Energy’ government rebate programs. All the projects where installation is needed are handled by Certified Electrical Technicians. Switching to energy efficient LED lighting brings forward a great opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bill and on-going maintenance. While there are obvious environmental benefits to switching to more efficient lighting, we make sure that safe handling and disposal practices are followed during the process of the all Lighting Projects. We represent our clients for filing ‘Save on Energy’ rebate applications and keep them posted on the progress of the project and facilitate faster delivery of approved lighting products and proper disposal of old lighting. This process not only accelerates the approval and release of Rebate payments, but also creates a positive impact on our client satisfaction policy.