How Energy Rebates Work

Here is your guide to a Retrofit Application

Step 1 – We conduct a No-Obligation Lighting Audit of your premises to get in depth knowledge of your current lighting structure and potential energy saving opportunities after switching to LED lighting.

Step 2 – We propose changes to your current lighting and the cost of doing the project. At this stage you also get a closer look at your current energy costs and how your Save ON energy rebates.

Step 3 – After your approval, Great Lakes LED registers you business for the Save ON Energy program with your local Hydro.

Step 4 – As your application representative, we get your business pre-approved for the proposed changes to kick start the next process.

Step 5 – We procure your Approved Lighting and get the installation done. You have a choice to use our certified electricians to install your lighting or use your own installer.

Step 6 – After the installation is done, we get the recycling of your old lighting done at an approved facility.

Step 7 – We then submit your post project paper work and complete the project.

Step 8 – Within 6 to 8 weeks you get your rebate cheque from your designated hydro company.

Because environment matters…

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Empty Cubicle
empty room of modern factory
Car Refueling at Gas Station during the Night
A leaf as the filament in a bulb and a statement think green