Location: Ontario, Canada


We represent our clients for filing ‘Save on Energy’ rebate applications and keep them posted on the progress of the project and facilitate faster delivery of approved lighting products and proper disposal of old lighting. This process not only accelerates the approval and release of Rebate payments, but also creates a positive impact on our client satisfaction policy.

Here is your guide to a Retrofit Application

Step 1 – We conduct a No-Obligation Lighting Audit of your premises to get in depth knowledge of your current lighting structure and potential energy saving opportunities after switching to LED lighting.

Step 2 – We propose changes to your current lighting and the cost of doing the project. At this stage you also get a closer look at your current energy costs and how your Save ON energy rebates.

Step 3 – After your approval, Great Lakes LED registers you business for the Save ON Energy program with your local Hydro.

Step 4 – As your application representative, we get your business pre-approved for the proposed changes to kick start the next process.

Step 5 – We procure your Approved Lighting and get the installation done. You have a choice to use our certified electricians to install your lighting or use your own installer.

Step 6 – After the installation is done, we get the recycling of your old lighting done at an approved facility.

Step 7 – We then submit your post project paper work and complete the project.

Step 8 – Within 6 to 8 weeks you get your rebate cheque from your designated hydro company.