Location: Ontario, Canada


Understanding Warranty on Products

Great Lakes LED Inc. warrants that the product sold to you shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for the period listed in the chart below from the date of original purchase. This limited warranty is provided by the Seller to you as the original purchaser of the Product. The determination of whether the Product is defective shall be made by the Seller, in its sole discretion. A Product shall not be considered defective solely as a result of the failure of individual LEDs. A Product shall be deemed defective when at least 10% of the LEDs in the Product have failed to emit light.


LED Flat Panels, LED High Bay Lights, LED Wall Packs                                       5 Years
LED Lamps (with Rated Life of 25,000 hours or greater)                                   5 Years
LED Lamps (with Rated Life of less than 25,000 hours)                                     3 Years
LED Exit Signs                                                                                                         5 Years
LED Power Supplies and Accessories                                                                  1 Year

This limited warranty will not apply to loss or damage to the Product caused by: negligence; abuse; misuse; mishandling; improper installation, storage or maintenance; damage due to fire or acts of God; vandalism; civil disturbances; power surges; improper power supply; electrical current fluctuation; corrosive environment installations; induced vibration; harmonic oscillation or resonance associated with movement of air currents around the Product; alteration; accident; failure to follow installation, operating, maintenance or environmental instructions prescribed by Seller or applicable electrical codes; or improper service of the Product performed by someone other than Seller or its authorized service provider.

Great Lakes LED Inc reserves the right to inspect the failed product to determine the cause of failure, and reserves the right to be the sole judge as to whether the product is defective and covered under warranty. Seller reserves the right to replace or repair the current replacement value of the product at its sole discretion. This shall be the sole remedy and the full extent of liability. Seller cannot guarantee that the exact same model will be available to replace defective products. The foregoing warranty provisions are exclusive and are given and accepted in lieu of any and all other warranties. Whether expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty against infringement and any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the seller be liable for incidental, compensatory, consequential, indirect, special or other damages. Seller’s aggregate liability with respect to a defective product shall in any event be limited to monies paid to seller for that defective product

This limited warranty excludes field labour, freight costs and service charges related to the repair or replacement of the Product